Week 4 December 2015

Christmas doesn’t always come from a store and not always in December.


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It is me. Maxine. maxine_week4_dec_2015As you may know, I get a treat when I potty on my inside papers. And, as you may also know, I do, on occasion, fib to Mom and tell her I pottied when I did not, hoping that I will get a treat anyway. Today I really did potty where I am supposed to. I ran to Mom, barking for my biscuit. When she looked to see if I did what I said I did, rather than clapping her hands together saying “Good girl,” and giving me a treat, Mom stooped down and rubbed the floor with towels. Dang! Apparently my front half had been on the papers but my back half—not so much. I stood next to Mom watching what she was doing then put my front paws up on her leg and kissed her. She kept working so I kissed her again. It was my way of telling Mom that I do not know how to clean wee off the floor but I am happy to be her helper.

Her point!
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

– William James