Week 4 February 2016

Never underestimate the cunning mind of a dog.


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turbo_week_4_february_2016When I run in my yard, the wind blows my hair which Mommy says turns me into a wild boy. Yesterday, after finding a just-right potty spot, I felt so good I raced in big circles around the yard. My ears and tail flew behind me which made me feel even gooder. Then I headed to Mommy for my I-pottied treat, which makes me feel the goodest of all. Myself was the happiest dog in the world till suddenly… all of myself changed to Oh-Woe-Is-Me. Mommy forgot to bring my treat with her to the yard! My head dropped and I sad-walked me in the house to my bed and laid my chin on my paws…till I heard the sound of my treat jar opening and saw Mommy coming to me. She didn’t have one bone biscuit, she had TWO! They were mine, all mine. My sad turned to so happy my tail wagged and my eyes got all bright again. Myself is a very smart boy. The next time Mommy forgets my treat, I will hang my head. Two biscuits are lots better than one.

Her point!

“When you get unexpected results which please you, go with it.”

– Author Unknown