Week 4 February

Happies are the heart’s High-Fives
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My mostest hungry time comesturbo_laying_down at dark time when Mom puts her head on the pillow and shuts her eyes. That’s when I would go to the kitchen for a mouthful of food and carry it to our bed, spit it out, then eat one piece at a time. When it was all gone I would go get me some more and take it to our sleep spot and eat that too. For some reason that myself didn’t know why, I stopped eating very much. Mom said I looked like I was losing weight and that I needed something special. She got a big handful of food from my bowl and laid it in a long line at the end of the bed. In her happy voice, she said, “Here, Turbo. Your own magic food.” My nose did a fast sniff… I rolled me all over it… then started eating and didn’t stop till it was all in my tummy. Now when dark time comes and I see Mom putting my special food on the covers, I get so excited I can’t stop me from prancing and running in circles on my way to the bed. I know it’s Turbo’s Magic Food ‘cause it smells like my Mommy’s hand.

Idea His point!    “A touch of love brings its own magic.”        
– Unknown Author