Week 4 January 2016

Dog’s don’t make excuses… they make things happen.


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turbo_week_4_january_2016When our sleep room changes from dark to light, my brain tells me it’s time to go outside and potty, get a drink of water and stop by my food bowl. Then it’s time for my paws to take all of me back to our sleep place and wait for Mommy to open her closet door. As soon as she does, I quick-like slip past her and head straight to her shoes. I pick the one I want, even if it’s bigger than me, and drag it behind the bed. I put it where I want it then go back and get Mommy’s socks, one at a time. I tug and tug till I get them in a just-right pile next to Mommy’s shoe. I never chew on her things or lift my leg on them. I just curl up on them. I also hide food under her socks for when my tummy makes noises and I don’t want to leave my Turbo-nest. Sometimes Mommy finds her shoe and socks and puts them back in the closet but I go get them – again, and lay me on top of them – again. That’s the bestest part of what I do ‘cause, since they smell like my Mommy, laying on her things makes me feel close to her which makes me feel safe and happy all over.

Her point!

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

– Dalai Lama