Week 4 January 2017 | Maxine

Remembering Maxine

1/11/03 – 1/5/17


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Mom and I went to a doggie festival. I stayed busy looking at all the dogs and people as Mom pushed me around in my stroller. When we got to the puppy treat booth, Mom picked up two kinds of good things and asked me which one I wanted. Well, I wanted them both. She only got me one because she thinks I have a wide-load butt. I do not agree. Then we went to a hamburger place. I asked Mom for one of those too. Dang! She did get one – for herself. While I was giving her my most serious “This girl is not pleased” look, a little boy came to me and asked if he could pet me. I spotted the ice cream cone he was holding so I gave him my most innocent look and wagged my tail. Just as he leaned toward me, Mom saw what was about to happen. Before she could say “No” that ice cream was in my mouth. The little boy was not happy. Mom was not happy. The girl in her dog stroller was happy. Quite happy –licking off the last of the ice cream that had been sitting on my nose.

Her point!

Just because you don’t get your way doesn’t mean you won’t –eventually.

– Jim Rohn