Week 4 January

Think like a dog: they know what they want – and they go for it.
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I don’t know how to read a map so I bella_2015didn’t know where we were going but I knew we were there when Dad stopped the car. With my nose pressed against the window, I patiently watched Mom, waiting for her to let me out to explore this new place. As Mom and Dad greeted their friends, I ho-hum-sniffed the front yard but, when I walked to the back of the house, my head went up and so did my tail. I saw a pond. The water called my name. I answered with a happy run-leap-splash. The pool wasn’t very deep but plenty deep enough for me to roll over and over, making waves, then toss my head around biting at the water. I was having a glorious time until I realized I wasn’t alone–there were fish everywhere! I stood perfectly still as my eyes went from one to another to another. I was fascinated and just had to know more about them. Therefore, as a little fish swam between my front paws, I tried touching it with my nose but it went away faster than I expected. I was scanning the water for another one close enoughto nudge when I heard Dad say, “Bella! Get out of the Koi pond.” I kept my head down. He called my name again. I once again pretended that I didn’t hear him. I am not stupid! If I looked at him he would know I heard him and he would expect me to do what he wanted me to do which wasn’t what I wanted to do. Duh! Every dog knows this technique. It’s obvious Dad isn’t a dog.

Idea Her point!    “Please do not interrupt me while I’m ignoring you.”               
– Unknown Author