Week 4 July 2016 Chloe

Dogs being big-n-bad.


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IMG_1654I made sure it was all about me and my Poppa! You see, Memaw and Poppa left my brother, Jake, and me, with my Aunt Addie and my cousins Lola and Cocoa. As they hugged me and got in the car, they told me to be a good girl and they would see me soon. Wherever they went, it must have been far, far away because I looked for Memaw and Poppa every day till I thought they were never coming home. Then, last night, I heard Aunt Addie’s kitchen door open. My heart knew it was them! I tore through the house so fast I almost couldn’t stop when I got to my Poppa. I jumped at his leg, wiggling so hard I almost fell over, and turned in circles crying and howling my loudest for him to pick me up. Just as he reached for me, Jake, Lola and Cocoa came charging into the room and tried to get Poppa’s attention too. No. No. No. I snarled, growled and wedged myself between them and my Poppa and gave them my fluffy backside body block. My Poppa is mine so nobody gets a Poppa hug till Chloe gets a Poppa hug.

Her point!

“If you don’t design your own plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.“

– Jim Rohn