Week 4 June 2015

Dogs are such good helpers
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Helping Mom is not always easymaxine_june_week_4 nor is it always convenient. It is not like I do not have other things to do. Eat. Sleep. Look for food crumbs. But, I know she needs me so I do what I can. For example, when she yawns and throws back our sleep covers, I know it is time to get up to help her exercise. While she jumps around and lifts weight things up and down, I lay on my big stuffed bear and chew on my favorite toy. Next, while she walks real fast from room to room, through the hall, then back around the rooms again, I stretch out in my doggie bed and watch her. When she finally slows down and calls my name, I know she expects me to do something with her –which I do — though I insist on doing it the Maxine way. She sits me in my little red wagon and I let her pull me through the house. Room to room. Around and around. Over and over. I am willing to ride for as long as she will pull me but she gets tired so we stop, get a drink of water and, of course, visit the treat jar. She takes a shower. I take a nap. Working out is a very tiring job.

Idea Her point!    “Just being there for someone can be all the help they need.”
– Author Unkown