Week 4 June 2016 Maxine

What dogs do that make us sigh – a heavy sigh!


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1476246_10152541443582519_1718405845_nAs a dog who knows her mind, I must sometimes speak my mind to be sure everyone clearly knows and follows my rules. If you visit my house you can play with my rubber duck and my ball. I will even watch you play with them. However, do not touch my chicken. It is mine. I do not share it. If you do touch it, I will pitch a fit…whining, grumbling, and pacing around you. If you throw it saying “Fetch,” be prepared to
wait a very long time. I do not play fetch. I do not play with anyone who messes with my chicken. So, if you do toss it, I will pick it up, carry it to another room and hide it from you. Life is simple. Follow my rules and we will get along just fine.

His point!

Her point: “You have a right to let people know what is and isn’t acceptable to you.”

– Author Unknown