Week 4 March 2016

Dogs have a mind of their own and don’t hesitate to speak it.


pawChloe: [facebook_like_button]

chloe_week4_march_2016Memaw says “Move over Chloe!” I pretend I don’t hear her. What Chloe doesn’t hear, Chloe can ignore. You see, at nighttime Poppa and I crawl in our big bed before Memaw. It feels good to stretch out next to him. Just when I’m about to go to sleep, here comes Memaw wanting in bed with us. That’s when she tells me to move. I don’t. I am comfortable and don’t want to be bothered. She grumbles and reaches for me. I make myself go limp which means there’s no way she can lift me. After a few tries to roll me over she gives up and scoots under the covers from the top part of the bed then moves her legs down and around the space where I’m laying. When she finally quits wiggling we all go to sleep. Poppa on his side. Me on mine. Memaw holding onto the edge of the mattress.

Her point!

“Knowing what you want is good. Getting what you want is even better.”

– Author Unknown