Week 4 March

To get along with a dog – do it their way.
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I cut away from Poppa’s side

on our yard walk when I spotted the little kid visiting next door. I stuck my nose through the fence to say hello. When he handed me a treat I did my all-over Chloe wiggle and I kept wiggling till…till…till Poppa brought him to my yard and sat with him on my swing. That little person Poppa called Oliver was sitting in my swing!  Right next to my Poppa! Right in front of me! I jumped at Poppa’s leg and gave him a nose nudge. He scratched behind my ears but I didn’t want my ears scratched. I wanted to sit where I belonged –next to my Poppa. I paced and panted till Poppa took Oliver back to his own yard then picked me up and held me close. You see, I was afraid Oliver was going to stay with us and Poppa would forget about me. If I wasn’t Poppa’s best friend any more, my Chloe wiggle would leave and never come back. I laid my head on Poppa’s shoulder and let my butt wiggle show him how happy I was that he still loved me.

Idea Her point!    “Don’t worry unless it’s absolutely necessary.”
– Unknown Author