Week 4 May

Roll with the punches.
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I know the rules around here. maxine_may_week4It is not like this is my first trip around the dog house. If I potty on my inside papers, I get a treat. This is not a difficult concept. However, sometimes I want a treat just because I want one and I do not want to potty to get it so I go to my papers, stomp around for Mom to hear me, then run to her, hoping she will give me something good. This does not always work though because, before giving me a treat, she usually checks to see if I did what I tell her I did. Well, no matter how hard I try to convince her I deserve a treat, I do not get one unless I have left proof of my sincerity. Today I wanted a biscuit so I barked at her, followed her to the papers, looked up at her with my best “trust me”face and was left standing in the laundry room — treatless. Dang! I was so mad, I went back to the papers and squeezed out a few drops of wee, certainly deserving of a little crunchy bone—which I got. I would think Mom would know by now that when this girl wants something, she will find a way to get it.

Idea Her point!    “No problem can withstand the power of sustained creative thought.”
– Unknown Author