Week 4 May 2016

What dogs do that make us sigh – a heavy sigh!


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DSCF2249Before myself tells you what Mommy and I learned today, I want you to know what happened first. I was just walking me through the house, thinking about how good a piece of food in my mouth would taste, when Mommy opened the back door and said, “Turbo, get out there and potty please — and make it quick.” Myself didn’t want to go out. I turned me in another direction. I didn’t get very far before Mommy scooped me up and carried me to the bathtub full of water. My brain told me it wasn’t for her. I don’t much like getting wet but I stood real still-like while she put soap all over me then, just as she started washing it off, she stopped to chase something in the water. Myself looked around to see what she was doing. That’s when I think Mommy learned that she should always take me out to potty before my bath. I learned that my poo floats.

His point!

His point: “Some things just are as they are.”

– Author Unknown