Week 4 November 2015

Dogs just wanna have fun.


pawMaxine: [facebook_like_button]

Mom! We need to talk! I watch you maxine_week4_nov_2015eat your breakfast while patiently holding a toy in my mouth and quietly waiting for you to finish. When you leave the table, I trot behind you to the sink then follow you to the bathroom. What do you do? You look at a magazine instead of me. Hello! How hard is it to see a dog standing right in front of you with her stuffed doll hanging in her mouth as she stares directly at you sitting on that big white water bowl? What part of “Let’s play!” do you not understand? Dang! Have you forgotten that dogs want to have fun and play when they want to play…and this is a doggie rule we consider non-negotiable?!

Her point!
Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”

– Kay Redfield Jamison