Week 4 November

What dogs do when they think you’re not watching.
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It was still dark time and sleepy-early quiet. I could hear myturbo_smile paws walking on the driveway as Mom and I went to get her morning newspaper. When we got close to the road the man who lives across the street didn’t see me but myself sure spotted him coming out of his house getting his paper too. I stiffened my legs, flattened my ears and stared with my eyes. My brain was telling me to let him know I didn’t much like him being outside with us so that’s what I did. I gave out with a RAH-ROOOOOOOOO everybody in my whole neighborhood could hear. Mom scooped me up and hurried myself back in the house. That was right after the man screamed and jumped his whole self straight up in the air.

Idea His point!                    “… think for yourself. Aloud.”                           
– Coca Chanel