Week 4 October 2015

Dogs bark for a reason.


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It is me. Maxine. maxine_october-2015_week4You want to know why I bark? Simple. I have something to say! For example, I have let Mom live with me since I was a little girl. Therefore, she should know I am in the same house that she is. However, that fact apparently slipped her mind yesterday. She walked into her big closet and I followed her. While she put something on a shelf, I smelled clothes hanging close to the floor. All of a sudden, she turned off the light, walked out of the closet and shut the door. Hello! If Mom and I walk in her closet together then we should leave the closet—together. But, there I was. All by myself. In the dark. I wanted out of there and I let her know I wanted out of there. I yelled, “Hey, Mom, I am stuck in here. Come get me.” Nothing happened. I barked louder. “Let me out and I mean now!” I kept yelling till she finally opened the door. She looked at me and said, “I am so sorry Maxine. I didn’t see you go in there with me.” Sure! I gave her my most stern look, harrumphed, and stomped to my bed. Dang! I refused to talk to her for a very long time….till I barked for her to come to me ‘cause I wanted her to scratch my tummy. I decided a belly rubbed was more important than pouting. Life is priorities you know.

Her point!
“Sing out loud…sing out strong…”

– Songwriter Louis Prima