Week 4 October 2016 | Turbo

You can’t fool a dog.


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turbo-week4-october-2016Mommy can’t fool me at bedtime. Myself always knows when she’s going to our sleep room and I always know I have to beat her to our bed. If I don’t, herself will lay where I want to be. So, as soon as I have made my last wee trip to the yard at dark time, my paws run me fast to our bed and I stretch my whole self out. Mommy pulls the covers up to her neck and stretches out too– till her feet stop fast when they come to where all of me is curled up comfortable and she has to move them all around out of my way. Sometimes I want to sleep next to her belly. If she tries to get out from under the covers to go potty, she can’t ‘cause I’m laying on the blanket and don’t want to move. She mumbles and slides herself out the end of the bed or pulls her feet up out of the covers and goes upside down climbing over me. While she’s away I move to her pillow which is just right for my head. She comes back and mumbles again. I love sleeping with my Mommy but I wish she would keep herself in her own place.

His point!

“Choose your space and let others adapt.”

– Author Unknown