Week 4 October

Why pet parents get gray hair.
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What part of “Get down” does Turbo not understand? unnamed (1)I barked and barked at him. He just sat in the chair staring at me. I wanted in that chair but he would not move. I barked so much Mom came in the room to see what I was doing. I ran to her then back to the chair barking, “Mommmm. Make Turbo get down!” She did not. I put my front paws on the cushion and barked in his face. I do not think he was in his head as he just looked at me, yawned then laid down. He laid down in the very spot where I wanted to lay! I was so mad I walked in circles around the room then stomped to him, threw my head back and barked so hard my front paws bounced off the floor. Mom called my name from the kitchen. She told me to be quiet. When I did not get quiet she came in the room again, picked me up, sat me next to Turbo and said, “Okay you two. There’s room for everybody. Make it work.” I wiggled myself some butt space, stretched out, and leaned against him. He stood up, gave me a dirty look, then jumped down. Dang! Is it my fault that my backside takes up more of the chair than his skinny rear-end?

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“If someone else isn’t making it happen for you, make it
happen for yourself.”  – Lauren Miller