Week 4 September 2015

Dogs on a mission – they love success.


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Hot dogs make my brain work real good.turbo-week4-sept-2015 Myself learned that when Mommy took Maxine and me to a place where there were lots of people and lots more dogs than my eyes ever saw before. Mommy said it was a party to help doggies who don’t have homes. Mommy and her friends sat at a table eating their dinner. Maxine and myself wanted to go see everybody but Mommy was attached to the other end of our leashes so Maxine barked, I lifted my leg on a flower and we both looked around, sniffing the ground as far as we could pull ourselves away from Mommy. All of a sudden I spotted a piece of hot dog Mommy had dropped. My paws started walking real slow-like toward it so Maxine wouldn’t notice what I was doing. I was ready to snatch it when another dog, much bigger than myself is, came toward me. My head told my backside to sit down on the hot dog so he wouldn’t know what I found. As soon as he went away, I jumped up, grabbed that hot dog, ran under Mommy’s chair, turned my back to Maxine so she wouldn’t see what I had, and chewed it up faster than my mouth ever ate anything in my whole life. My brain doesn’t always think real fast but then not everything is about a hot dog.
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“Motivation pushes us beyond where we thought we could go.

– Author Unknown