Week 3 September 2016 – Chloe

Dogs have their own priorities.


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Memaw shut the front door while Poppa put the sack he was carrying on the table. I sat very still in the middle of the room. The only part of me moving was my eyes. I looked at the back door. I looked at Jake. I looked at Memaw and Poppa. I glanced at the back door again. Somebody’s gonna be in trouble and I didn’t want it to be me. Everything would have been fine if Jake hadn’t done what he did while they were gone. You see, we were both sleeping till he suddenly jumped up and started barking and pawing at the back door. He slapped at it so hard the shade thing at the window started breaking into little pieces. I was thinking “Oh Jake, pleaseeee don’t do that. Memaw is going to be very angry with us and I’m not doing anything wrong.” He just kept barking and pawing till only a little bit of the shade was hanging by one string. Sure enough, Memaw and Poppa saw the mess he made and they weren’t smiling. I really wanted to wiggle-butt–run to my Poppa, showing him how glad I was to see him, but, since he and Memaw were staring at us with their hands on their hips, I thought it best to forget my happy welcome and just be very quiet wearing my worry face and hope they could see this was one time I really was as innocent as I was trying to look.

(Note: Memaw and Poppa took Jake to the vet who attributed his behavior to having an UTI and he was simply trying to get outside to potty. Neither Jake nor Chloe got in trouble:)

Her point!

“What we feel we gotta do determines our actions.”

– Author Unknown