Week 5 August 2015

Dogs on a mission – they love success.
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Do not mess with aMaxine_Week5_aug_2015 dog and her treats! Mom tried this morning but I knew what was what. We went to the yard. She wanted me to potty. I did not have to potty so I just stood at the edge of the porch and looked at the grass. She asked me, or I think it was more of told me, to “go.” I know “go” means “potty” so changing words did not change my mind. I did not have to potty and she could not make me potty. I heard her sigh…watched her go in the house….looked at her when she came back outside. The situation had changed. My nose went on high alert. She had treats. I stared at her. No treat for a stare. I trotted to the grass, squatted, and ran back to her. No treat for pretending to potty either. She shook her head and opened the door for me. I ran in the house ahead of her, flung myself on the floor in the middle of the room, put my chin on my paws, looked up at her…and whimpered. Taking care of business would have gotten me one treat. Giving Mom my best sad look got me two treats. Yes! That is the Maxine way and that is that!

Idea Her point!

  “Be flexible. If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something different.” A

– Author unknown