Week 5 December

Seize moments of joy.
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I trailed behind Pop as he walked through dukethe house filling a big bag with stuff people left after Mom’s dinner party. He and I took the bag to the back porch where he dropped it and headed back inside while I headed to the yard to visit every tree and bush –till my nose led me to that bag sitting on the porch. It smelled much better than the trees and bushes. I opened it and found a dream come true. There was turkey, biscuits, potatoes stuck to plates, pie and napkins with gravy on them. I ate every piece of turkey I could find then licked the paper plates and napkins before I shook them and tore them into tiny pieces. When Pop opened the back door calling for me to come in, the dude’s eyes got big and his mouth fell open. I guess he didn’t know how good I was at making the back yard look like it was hit by a snowstorm.

Idea His point!       “…opportunities are not to be neglected…” – Voltaire