Week 5 February 2016

Never underestimate the cunning mind of a dog.


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chloe_week_5_february_2016I heard “Chloe, stop that” so many times I decided to do something about it. You see, since my new big, very big, brother, Jake, came to live with us, I’ve been having fun teasing him but Memaw keeps spoiling my good time. She calls me a trouble maker. Used to be I’d growl and roll on Tilly, my favorite stuffed squirrel, carry her around the house, and have Poppa toss Tilly across the room so I could chase her. Then I found it much more fun to walk up to Jake with Tillly in my mouth and stick her in Jake’s face then run away before he could grab her. It put a wiggle in my Chloe backside but it got me in trouble with Memaw. Therefore, I learned to wait till Memaw was busy doing something other than watching me before running to Jake, shaking Tilly in his face, then high-tailing it out of the room. What I know and what Memaw doesn’t know works very well for me.

Her point!

“Assess your situation and make it work for you.”

– Author Unknown