Week 5 June 2015

Dogs are such good helpers
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Oh woe was me…standingturbo_bath_june_2015 in the kitchen sink…my little head hanging down… Mommy making it rain on me. Myself doesn’t like to be wet and soapy all over my body and everything attached to it including my paws, tail and ears. But, I helped her give me a bath anyway, even though I made a grumpy face then changed it to my you’re-abusing-me look. When she got too much water on me, I helped get rid of it by doing the Turbo-doggie-shake. Mommy’s mouth made a “phooey” sound and she took off her glasses and wiped her face. I helped her wash my paws by licking the soap. When she tried washing my face, I helped by turning my head in every direction faster than she could keep up with me. Myself also helped by remembering not to do what I did when I was little — poo in my bath water.

Idea His point!

  “Make the most of yourself.”

– Author unknown