Week 5 March

To get along with a dog – do it their way.
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Mommy makes Maxine and me Turbo_march_week_5sit in our doggie chairs next to each other when we ride in the car. We are supposed to stay in our own places but Maxine ignores Mommy’s rule. She leans against me, puts her paw in my seat and yesterday all of her came into my chair and squished myself. I had to climb over her big self so I could get to her spot where there was room to sit me down. Then she decided she wanted back in her place so my paws had to crawl around her to get back where I belonged. When we got home, Mommy couldn’t pick us up ‘cause the things that attach us to our seats were wrapped all over us and ourselves were stuck together. I wanted her to hurry and get us untangled ‘cause I had to potty bad. As soon as we were free and she put me on the ground I ran in circles around Mommy looking for a spot to go but I got all stuck again ‘cause I tangled me around her legs. I had to go so bad, I just lifted my leg right where I was and peed … on Mommy’s shoe.

Idea His point!

  “Sometimes you just gotta do what you gottado when you gotta do it.”

– Author unknown