Week 5 May 2016 – Maxine

What dogs do that make us sigh – a heavy sigh!


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IMG_0009_editedAs I am Maxine and not much gets past me, I am very familiar with the rules of the house. If I potty on the floor there is no treat. If I go on my inside papers, Mom smiles and gives me a biscuit. How much simpler could it be? However, this morning things did not go according to plan. As always, I squatted on one paw and shot the other one out to the side. However, today I switched squat paws mid-stream which caused the paper to slide which threw me off balance which forced me to scramble and stumble trying to stay upright. Since I couldn’t concentrate on going wee and not falling down at the same time, my business stopped so I trotted directly to Mom but, rather than get a treat, I got my paws washed. It seems I walked through my big potty puddle and left wee tracks across the kitchen floor. As soon as Mom dried my paws I got my treat. As soon as she finished cleaning the floor, I headed back to my papers to finish what I started. I figured that should be good for another treat.

Her point!

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

– Allen Saunders