Week 5 November 2015

Dogs just wanna have fun.


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I can bounce! turbo_week_5_Nov_2015I can bounce so good myself thinks I must be a kangaroo dog. I like being a kangaroo dog but my sister, Maxine, doesn’t. I learned this last week when we had more people visiting our house than sleep places and Mommy put a huge bed in our living room for them. It was all flat when she laid it on the floor. I ran myself to the middle of it and stood watching her turn on a thing that sounded like our vacuum cleaner. Mommy told me not to be afraid — she was just putting air in the bed. It started getting higher and higher. The higher it got, the more fun I had running on it. And, the higher it got, the more my running turned into bounces. The more I bounced, the more I barked and wagged my tail. Maxine decided she wanted to play, too, so she climbed on the bed with me. I jumped at her. My part of the bed went down. Her part of the bed went up and so did she…straight up in the air where she flipped upside down then right side up before landing on the floor. She didn’t have a happy face when herself stomped out of the room.

His point!
“All of life is an experiment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson