Week 5 October 2016 | Maxine

bat-halloween-2016  You can’t fool a dog.  bat-halloween-2016


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dscf1588-aWhen Mom and I go shopping or visiting for the day, she packs a Maxine-snack-box. It has food and water and treats just for me. I know this because I know what my food box looks like and I know what Mom puts in it and I can smell what is in it. This morning she put me in my doggie seat in the front part of our car next to her drive spot and sat my snack box in the seat next to me. While Mom made the car go, I looked around, laid down, turned around, then starting wiggling and whining. Mom asked me to settle down. I did not settle down. I grumbled, barked and pitched a fit. She stopped our car and carried me to a grass place. She asked me to potty. I did not potty. She offered me water. I did not drink it. She showed me her hand full of my food. I looked away. Dang! Does Mom not know she cannot fool this girl! I knew there were treats in that box and that was what I wanted. I want treats all the time –unless Mom gets me a burger–then I forget about treats… at least till the burger is all gone.

Her point!

Exercise your right to change your mind.

– Author Unknwon