Week 3 May

Roll with the punches.
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My mornings are supposed to be may_chloethe same every day. As soon as I wake up Poppa lets me outside to potty. When I’ve done my business I come in for the breakfast he has fixed for me. Well, that didn’t happen today. Poppa was sleepy and wouldn’t get up so Memaw let me out. I came in ready to eat. When I saw my bowl I stopped where I stood and just stared at it. You see, my breakfast was not what I like! I ran straight to the bedroom to get my Poppa. Memaw said, “No Chloe, don’t wake him up,” but I was hungry so I stood at his door and cried as loud and pitiful as I could. Then I barked. He didn’t move so he left me no choice but to jump on the bed and put Chloe kisses all over his face till I saw his big smile. He give me a hug and followed me to the kitchen. When he saw I hadn’t eaten my breakfast, he picked up my bowl and put warm water on it, just the way I like it. Memaw calls me spoiled. Poppa calls me a good girl. I call me a Chloe who likes what she wants and wants what she likes – and that includes warm water on my food, ice cream, and butt rubs.
Idea Her point!    

“Get what you want by knowing who to ask.”

– Author Unknown