Weekly Story October

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Jeanne Dogs

paw There’s nobody like a best buddy. Mine is my Pop so I take care of him. One of my jobs is to protect whatever I find that’s his. I’ve had to take things like his shorts and his belt to my bed for safe keeping several times. However, my almost every night job is to pick up his socks when he drops them on the floor and carry them to my bed. I paw up one corner of the cushion and hide them under it. I stuff them right next to my squeaky toy, chew bone and spare treat. Pop seems to know when I have collected a big clump of them because he comes to my room, looks through my bed till he finds them all, then scratches my ears for being such a good helper. However, this morning, after stomping around the house for a while, he came to my room and started searching under my pillow. He quit grumbling but apparently I don’t get an ear scratch for keeping his car keys safe.
His point!
Good intentions do not always get a “thank you.”